SCART cable for CRT TV's

Enjoy the simplicity of a cable ready to plug on your RaspberryPi and CRT TV with our custom OS in RGB and PixelPerfect resolutions for all the games, with improved stereo sound and new auto-switching feature, compatible with models 2B, 3A, 3B, 3B+ by the moment...


Hardware specifications

New feature auto-switching to AV channel on 4:3 with 12v stepup, 18 Bit RGB without conversions and clean CSync signal generated on the PCB within the scart providing the highest possible signal quality and the lowest loss, two filtered audio channels improved, all pre configured on our OS.


Installation instructions


JAMMA board for ARCADE

With our GPIO adapter to JAMMA you can connect the fastest and easiest RPi in your cabinet with the best features and maximum simplicity, in seconds you can enjoy all the games in native resolutions and refresh rates, compatible with models 2B, 3A, 3B, 3B+ by the moment...


Hardware specifications

JAMMA and MVS compatible, video signal levels for arcade monitors and RGB without conversions, selft powered over the source of the machine, stereo and mono selector, powerfull analog audio amplifier with volume control, 6 buttons by player over the jamma+ or by the KickHarness of the board, smallest and ultra optimized board, all pre configured on our OS


Warning, we are not responsible for the damages produced by connecting this circuit incorrectly or not using heatsink


Installation instructions



Our own Operating System

Based on Raspbian, customized for speed, and provided with our custom UI which includes many options specially meant for real CRT TVs and Arcade cabinets... and everything in a lovely 240p screen resolution.

All original RGB-Pi devices will work out of the box with the system (Plug and Play).

We make retro systems for human beings, so stop wasting your time in complicated configurations and download it now!


List of supported systems with PixelPerfect

You can check here the long list of supported systems and its extensions.

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